MORITA TECH High Performance EMC Noise Scanner (WM7000 Series)

The Morita Tech High Performance EMC Noise Scanner (WM7000 Series) is a unique robotic system that is capable of scanning and visualizing EMC noises of your products. 

With its user-friendly software, users can can perform accurate and high-speed scans, allowing them to locate you EMC noises with ease.



Product Features

1.  Overlay of DUT Board Photo and Noise Map.

Morita Tech DUT Photo                Morita Tech Noise Map                Morita Tech Overlay  

         DUT Photo                                    Noise map                                        Overlay


Morita Tech Software Overlay
The analysis software "Viewer Software” has excellent user interface and unique features such as the superimposition of the board photo and noise map.  The measurement result (noise map) is displayed on top of the photo of the measured object (Patented technology used).  In addition to photos, you can also overlay with CAD diagrams as a standard feature. The software can be downloaded via the web, license-free and copy-free, and there are no costs such as annual usage fees so many people can have access to it. 



2. Laser Range Finder to Measure Shapes.

Morita Tech Laser Range Finder Measure Function
A laser rangefinder is used to measure the shape of your sample without contact.  Components with different height will be measured at equal distances, which allows users to gain more clear and accurate noise measurements.


3. In-house developed Near Field Magnetic Probes (Patented) and E-Field Probes.        

We have a wide variety of near field magnetic probes developed in-house, with different coil shapes, sizes, V/H, etc. to match your measurement needs and to achieve efficient and accurate results. 
Morita Tech H-Field Probes
H-Field Probes


Morita Tech Shielded Loop Structure
 Shielded Loop Structure


Morita Tech E-Field Probes
E-Field Probes



4. Before and After Noise Countermeasures. (Comparison Mode)

Morita Tech Software Before and After Compare
The photo of your sample and the measurement results can be shown side by side.  The cursor will point in the same locations on both images, making it very easy for users to identify the noise source. In addition, the measurement data can be displayed in various formats such as 2D, contour lines, and 3D, and can be compared with previous data.


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