MORITA TECH High Performance EMC Noise Scanner (WM7000 Series): WM7300 EMC Noise Scanner

The WM7300 is a high-performance EMC noise scanner that can measure up to A4 size and capable of measurements over 6GHz band, measurements of omnidirectional magnetic flux, and identifying the generation position.  It can be used to measure longer samples such as cables that could not be measured well with the WM7400.
Measurement frequency band: 150kHz to 3GHz / 150kHz to 8GHz
* Patent pending
* We can customize and manufacture smaller or larger measurement areas according to your needs.
* The shape may change without notice for improvement.
* Patent pending for CISPR22 compatibility

Scanning Range

W420 × D297 × H200 (mm) / W16.5 × D11.6 × H7.8 (inch) (Camera Range)

Scanning Method

Near-field magnetic probe scanning (w/ laser rangefinder)

Positional Accuracy (X, Y, Z)

±0.01 mm (when moving in a single direction)

Positional Accuracy (θ)


Scanning Frequency Band

150 kHz - 3 GHz (standard) / 150 kHz - 8 GHz (optional)

Minimum Scanning Step

0.1 mm

External Dimensions

W850 × D770× H890 (mm) / 33.5 × 30.4 × 35.0 (inch) (not including connectors or other protruding objects)


Approximately 60 kg / 132 lbs (Main unit only.  Not including spectrum analyzer or PC.)

Input Voltage

100 - 240 V AC

Maximum Power Consumption

150 VA (not including the spectrum analyzer)

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