Hirox Digital Microscope System

Hirox KH-1300

The Hirox System is a dedicated digital microscope, there is no provision to observe the sample directly through the lens, except with a digital camera. Once that design decision has been made, the system was optimized for the characteristics of the imaging sensor – a flat, 2D array with a known readout rate, response curve, pixel size, etc. In a conventional microscope the optics of the eye have to be figured into the design parameters and that requirement may be different from and potentially conflict with those that would produce optimal images with an electronic imaging sensor. Because the Hirox System has been designed only for digital imaging, no compromises have been made to accommodate the eye’s optics. However, the system is, in fact, often able to take advantage of sight physiology and visual signal processing to provide unique observational capabilities, i.e. 3D Rotational Microscopy.

  • Inspect objects dynamically in 360 degrees with patented Hirox design
  • Superior BGA inspection capable of up to 200x magnification. Low maintenance costs achieved with use of spring loaded lens tip to protect samples.
  • Highly configurable and flexible lineup of lenses and peripheral devices
  • Optimal illumination using metal halide lamp for balanced color spectrum
  • A multitude of 2D/3D profiling features available for a wide range of applications
  • Customization available for tailoring to client-specific needs

Hirox Digital Microscope System: Representatives

Michelle Ogihara
Seika Machinery, Inc
21241 S. Western Avenue
Torrance, California 90501
North and South America
Canada: Toronto, Quebec(outside Mont)