Malcom Reflow Simulators

Malcom SRS-1C Reflow Simulator

Malcom reflow simulators are powerful and useful tools for testing, troubleshooting, prototyping and small batch production. The single heating zone is able to simulate a multi-zone reflow oven by adjusting the 3 heating elements to raise and lower the temperature to follow a user defined heating curve. Malcom’s reflow simulators use upper IR heaters, lower ceramic heating elements, and a heated convection blower fan to simulate a full size reflow oven’s heating elements.

Malcom reflow simulators also feature insulated glass windows which allow the use of the VDM-3 camera system. View and record the reflow process. They system will use an onboard video mixer to overlay the time & temperature data onto the video.

Malcom Reflow Simulators: Representatives