The RDT-250C is a table-top small form factor oven that will accommodate PCBs up to 250mm X 330mm. Manual and automatic modes allow the user to emulate the temperature profile set in full size reflow ovens. This oven can be used not only for simulation, but for small batch production as well. Using a small form factor oven like this uses less energy and is far more efficient compared to a full size multi-zone oven. Malcom reflow simulators can be run in air or nitrogen environments.

Features & Benefits:

  • The local matrix control system of upper heater makes possible reflow soldering of PCB in which the thermal capacity is balanced with the best heating temperature.
  • Low power consumption provides excellent cost/performance benefits.
  • Can accommodate full size PCB boards for testing (250 x 330mm). 
  • Each heating stage sets the temperature as well as the time. It makes it possible to change the time which keeps the reflow peak temperature free.
  • Can observe the state of soldering through wide glass windows from the rear of the unit.
  • Reproduce nearly the same conditions as an actual reflow oven by using the hot air of the upper-heater and the extreme infrared radiation of the lower heater together.
  • Can heat in a N2 atmosphere and control N2concentration with the O2 Oxygen Analyzer, OAS-1, and N2 flow adjustable function. (OAS-1 is optional)


Applicable Circuit BoardUp to 250W x 330L x 15H mm
Outer Dimension830W x 557D x 523H mm
Heating MethodUpper-face : Extreme infrared radiation with hot air
Lower-face : Extreme infrared radiation
Cooling MethodExhaust damper continuous operation by flowing air or N2 air (with flow adjustable valve)
Power Supply200V 50/60Hz 18kVA 3Phase
Air0.3 – 0.5MPa 100 liter/min (Maximum)
O2 Concentration in Furnace (when using N2)100ppm minimum
PCB InstallationNet system or Carrier system (Selectable on request)
Upper-HeaterExtreme infrared radiation with hot air heater

  : 7.2kW (Approx.240W x 30 block)

 * Adjustments can be made using the Matrix control system

Hot air heater : 8kW (2kW x 4)
Lower-HeaterExtreme infrared radiation heater : Approx. 2kW (330W x 6)
Temp. AccuracyRoom temp. – 80C : +/-3C
80C – 330C : +/-2C
Measuring Temp. RangeRoom temp. – 330C
Measuring Points1 – 6 points
N2 Gas Supply Function100 liter/min. with flow regulating valve during operation.
ControlExclusive software <RDT-250S> for Windows XP/2000
WeightApprox. 110kg

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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