Malcom Reflow Simulators: VDM-3 Video Capture System

The VDM-3 video capture system uses the built-in viewing windows built into the Malcom reflow simulators to capture video of your simulated reflow process. The system includes a video mixer, which will overlay the temperature/time/profile data over the video to make it easy to track important events in the reflow process. There is an option to add up to 2 cameras for different viewing angles, and each camera is equipped with an optical zoom and manual focus.

Features & Benefits:

  • Receives time, temperature, wettability, profile, and other data from Malcom Reflow Simulators compliant with the VDM-3.
  • Data is overlaid onto the video feeds taken by the video camera(s) in real-time.
  • Built-in scale function for measuring a displayed object.
  • Can display up to 2 video feeds at the same time by connecting up to 2 CCD cameras. Makes it possible to observe your sample from multiple angles.


Image Mixing FunctionBlack backing composition, 4-division display,
Data Display
Position Control
Sets the positions and sizes of time, temp. data and
temp. graph freely.
Scale FunctionDisplays a scale in an image input from the camera A
or B to allow the user to measure the length, area etc.
Outer Dimension330H x 250D x 50W mm
WeightApprox. 3kg
Power Supply100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1000W  (Fuse : 10A)
InputCamera ACamera A image input : NTSC method basis
Camera BCamera B image input : NTSC method basis
Data InputInput data from RDT-1, RDT-250C, RS-1, SRS-1 and SP-2
Magnifying Control RateMagnification data input from the cameras
ControllerPS/2 Mouse
OutputVideo AVideo image output A : NTSC method basis
Video BVideo image output B : NTSC method basis
Camera A Power SupplyPower supply for Camera A : DC+12V Maximum 500mA
Camera B Power SupplyPower supply for Camera B : DC+12V Maximum 500mA
Lightning Power SupplyAC power service socket for the lighting (Same voltage as the power source)
TV MethodNTSC method basis
Effective Number of Pixels768(H) x 494(V),  380,000 pixels
Number of Scanning Lines525
Scanning Method1/2 interlace
Scanning FrequencyHorizontal : 15.734kHz / Vertical : 59.94Hz
Aspect Ratio4:3
ResolutionHorizontal : 470TV / Vertical : 350TV
Power Supply+12VDC+/-10%
Current ConsumptionApprox. 200mA
Optical Magnification0.75X to 4.5X
W.D.Approx.90mm (When using option lens : Approx.187mm)
Depth of Field+/-1.78 to +/-0.13 mm
Focus RangeApprox.4.8(W) x 3.6(V) to Approx.0.8(W) x 0.6(V)  (Units : mm) 


When using optional lens

Approx.6.86(W) x 5.14(V) to Approx.1.07(W) x 0.8(V)  (Units :mm)

Light Source150W halogen lamp
Average Lamp LifeApprox. 500 hours
Average Illuminance45000 luxes
Power SupplyAC100V+/-10%, 50/60Hz
Current Consumption2.3A

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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