Malcom Reflow Simulators: VDM-3 Video Capture System

Used in conjunction with Malcom Reflow Simulators, the VDM-2 is a camera system to capture video of your simulated reflow process. The system includes a video mixer, which will overlay the temperature/time/profile data over the video to make it easy to track important points in your reflow.

Features & Benefits:

  • Receives time, temperature, wettability, profile, and other data from Malcom Reflow Simulators compliant with the VDM-2.
  • Data is overlaid onto the video feeds taken by the video camera(s) in real-time.
  • Built-in scale function for measuring a displayed object.
  • Can display up to 2 video feeds at the same time by connecting up to 2 CCD cameras. Makes it possible to observe your sample from multiple angles.


Item Specification
Image Mixing Function Black backing composition, 4-division display,
Data Display
Position Control
Sets the positions and sizes of time, temp. data and
temp. graph freely.
Scale Function Displays a scale in an image input from the camera A
or B to allow the user to measure the length, area etc.
Outer Dimension 330H x 250D x 50W mm
Weight Approx. 3kg
Power Supply 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1000W  (Fuse : 10A)
Input Camera A Camera A image input : NTSC method basis
Camera B Camera B image input : NTSC method basis
Data Input Input data from RDT-1, RDT-250C, RS-1, SRS-1 and SP-2
Magnifying Control Rate Magnification data input from the cameras
Controller PS/2 Mouse
Output Video A Video image output A : NTSC method basis
Video B Video image output B : NTSC method basis
Camera A Power Supply Power supply for Camera A : DC+12V Maximum 500mA
Camera B Power Supply Power supply for Camera B : DC+12V Maximum 500mA
Lightning Power Supply AC power service socket for the lighting (Same voltage as the power source)
Item Specification
TV Method NTSC method basis
Effective Number of Pixels 768(H) x 494(V),  380,000 pixels
Number of Scanning Lines 525
Scanning Method 1/2 interlace
Scanning Frequency Horizontal : 15.734kHz / Vertical : 59.94Hz
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Resolution Horizontal : 470TV / Vertical : 350TV
Power Supply +12VDC+/-10%
Current Consumption Approx. 200mA
Item Specification
Optical Magnification 0.75X to 4.5X
W.D. Approx.90mm (When using option lens : Approx.187mm)
Depth of Field +/-1.78 to +/-0.13 mm
Focus Range Approx.4.8(W) x 3.6(V) to Approx.0.8(W) x 0.6(V)  (Units : mm) 

When using optional lens

Approx.6.86(W) x 5.14(V) to Approx.1.07(W) x 0.8(V)  (Units :mm)

Item Specification
Light Source 150W halogen lamp
Average Lamp Life Approx. 500 hours
Average Illuminance 45000 luxes
Power Supply AC100V+/-10%, 50/60Hz
Current Consumption 2.3A

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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