Sayaka PCB Router: Stress Level Test

Stress Level Test

Depaneling with a router reduces mechanical stress during cutting.

Routing eliminates problems of flex cracking in ceramic capacitors and pattern peeling that may occur with conventional methods such as hand breaking and press cutting.

Stress level comparison and stress limit of ceramic capacitor

Depaneling MethodStressStress limit of ceramic capacitorResult 
Hand Breaking V-Score, perforations6,000 to 10,000 µε800 to 1,800 µεNG
Press Cut1,000 to 2,000 µε800 to 1,800 µεNG 
PCB Router50 to 200 µε800 to 1,800 µεGood


<Test Condition>


PCB Router - SAM-CT23NJ

Dust Collector - VNA-30

Spindle - 50,000 rpm

Router bit - 1.5 mm diameter Sayaka router bit

Cut Speed - 15 mm/sec

Sample PCB - 150 x 150 x 1.0 mm Glass Epoxy

Fixture - Custom fixture

<Measuring Equipment>

    Equipment - Hioki 8804

    Amplifier - Kyowa Electronics Instruments DPM-712B

    Strain Gauge - Kyowa Electronics Instruments KFG-2-120-L1-11L1M2R

Sayaka Stress Level Test