Malcom Viscometers: PC-11 Table Top Viscometer

The Malcom PC-11 is a simple table-top viscometer that has the flexibility of changing sensor rotors to accommodate a wide range of viscosity. The PC-11 does not have built-in temperature control, so the sample will need to be brought to testing temperature before measuring. The flexibility is also showcased as the viscometer’s sensor head can be positioned to accommodate a wide range of sampling containers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurately measure a wide range of liquids using one of the 3 types of rotors.
  • Repeat Non-Newtonian fluid measurement procedures. (standard shear time/rate)
  • USB computer link, and optional data analysis software.


Measurement Range5 ~ 800 Pa•s
(50 ~ 80 P)
0.2 ~ 20 Pa•s
(2 ~ 200 P)
20 ~ 2000 mPa•s
(20 ~ 2000 cP)
Speed (N)Variable: 3 ~ 80 RPMVariable: 10 ~ 80 RPM
Fixed: 10 RPMFixed: 40 RPM
Shear Rate (D)0.6 x Ns-11.2 x Ns-14.8 x Ns-1
Sample Size> 5cc> 40cc> 60cc
SensorMalcom spiral-pump type
Measurement Accuracy± 5%
Repeatability± 0.5%
Measurement Temp.0 ~ 50˚C (Resolution: 0.1˚C, Accuracy: ± 5˚C)
Digtal DisplayViscocity, Temperature, Speed
OutputViscosity, Temperature
CalibrationJIS Z8809 Standard Fluid for Viscosity Calibration, Silicon KF96
Power SupplyAC 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz 5W

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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