Seika Machinery is pleased to announce a limited time special price campaign for certain models of Den-on SMD rework stations!: Article

Den-on Instruments Co., Ltd has announced a limited time special price campaign for the RD500III and RD500SIII SMD Rework station series valid now until the end of August 2015.

The RD500III model can work with large board sizes up to 500mm x 600mm (19.7” x 23.6”) while the more compact RD500SIII model can work with board sizes up to 400mm x 420mm (15.7” x 16.5”).

Both models are versatile and can work with both leaded and lead-free solder alloys. These models also offer a unique design that utilizes both hot gas and IR heating for a wide array of applications. For more details please see the product literature located at the following link. Den-On Information

If you would like more information please contact Seika Machinery