Seika Machinery Introduces HIOKI UA1780 Gerber Data Editing Software for Flying Probe: Article

TORRANCE, CA — February 2013— Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, has introduced the new  HIOKI UA1780 Gerber Data Editing Software to be used in conjunction with the Hioki 1240 Flying Probe ICT.

With the HIOKI UA1780 Software, users can now easily create high-quality test data without boards. The system features easy-to-use Windows-based operation and support for the FA1240’s new data format. Additional features include:

· Reduced inspection programming times using Gerber data

· Geographical checks for component locations and profiles

· Reverse net generation allows addition of component connectivity info

· Organized component libraries output to Hioki 1240

Included in this software package is an extensive range of statistical processing and report creation tools. 

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