Seika Machinery, Inc. Introduces Academic Discounts for Universities: Article

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading distributor of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, now provides special academic discounts to university labs and other organizations that provide educational services to engineering students.

Seika provides the academic discount to any educational institution, and will provide quotes on an individual basis. The company has already given the discount to several prestigious engineering schools and Ivy League universities throughout the country.

“We provide these academic discounts to our educational institutes in order to allow these schools access to high quality equipment that may be difficult to obtain due to government-funded cutbacks on spending. Also, this allows for the next generation of engineers to have exposure to our products and creates good branding opportunity,” said Michelle Ogihara, Sales and Marketing Manager.

The discount is available for Seika Machinery’s full line of SMT products, including Tamura Reflow Ovens, YJ Link Conveyors, Sayaka Routers, Sawa Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner and the McDry Electronic Drying Storage Cabinets