Seika Machinery, Inc. Debuts HIOKI's High Speed 1240 Series X-Y IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTERs: Article

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, introduces HIOKI’s X-Y IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1240 Series of high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability populated board flying probe testers that are ideal for high-mix, low volume production.

The 1240 Series features a four-wire measurement function and capabilities of the series extends to the active in-circuit test of FETs, relays, as well as three-terminal voltage regulators–applications that are regarded as challenging test issues for conventional equipment.

Optional features even allow users to conduct simple functional measurement, boundary scan and crystal oscillator frequency counting. The X-Y ICT platform was designed with flexibility and future expandability in mind.

The HIOKI flying probe provides a variety of benefits over conventional testing machinery. Some of these benefits include jig-less inspection for quick set up, and the proficient testing of mis-mounted components, faulty components, and poor contacts. Through resistance testing, the flying probe test is able to assess solder joints promptly, while still thwarting board damage through use of the soft-landing feature.

With the 1240 Series, flying probe tests can be carried out at speeds as high as 0.025 seconds/step. With the HIOKI four-terminal solder joint integrity testing flying probes, which no other system offers, the tiniest differences between inadequate and high-quality soldering can be identified.

The flying probe machinery also provides the option of automatic test generation so that users may distinguish between a faulty circuit performance and an accurate performance. Additionally, Seika provides the choice of computer-aided conversion software, making it even easier to analyze the data provided.

With its variety of measurement abilities for analyzing data and the high-quality speed of testing, flying probe testers are a cost-effective way to efficiently and quickly assess any circuit board.