Seika Machinery, Inc. Celebrates 10-Year Corporate Membership with the SMTA: Article

Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, celebrates its 10-year anniversary as a Corporate Member of the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA).

Seika Machinery has been a Corporate Member of the SMTA since September 1999. The company originally joined to learn more about the industry and for networking purposes. Now in its 10th year as a member, Seika has greatly benefited from its Corporate Membership.

The SMTA follows its mission statement from every level, whether nationally or by each individual chapter. Members benefit from the ability to access the mass library of technical papers downloadable on the Web site, as well as through educational opportunities with classes and presentations offered both in person and through webinars. Being that the organization is volunteer-based, any member has a chance to get involved and participate on committees or in events that support the industry. Through this type of activity, friendships and business relationships are developed that assist in strengthening the human connection that is so important in growing any organization.

“The SMTA is grass roots and people-oriented – it is everything that I personally believe in. Seika Machinery will continue to support the SMTA,” said Michelle Ogihara, Sales & Marketing Manager.

Now in its 25th year, the SMTA membership is an international network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies, including microsystems, emerging technologies, and related business operations