Seika Machinery distributes Poretech instrument: Article

TORRANCE, CA — November 2022 — Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, announces that it is now a distributor of Poretech Instrument Inc., which is a global manufacturing enterprise for Pore Characterization Instruments with manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

Poretech has specialty equipment to analyze key characteristics of a microporous samples such as pore size distribution, mean pore size, and gas/liquid permeability.The equipment Poretech provide is used in various industries such as non-woven, paper, textiles, ceramics, batteries, healthcare, and so on. Poretech’s Ultra Nano Porometer is a one of a kind equipment which is capable of testing vast pore size of 0.002 μm (2nm) to 500 μm with a single machine.

Seika Machinery will provide sales, service, and demo testing capability for Poretech’s equipment at their Atlanta office located in Duluth, GA.

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