Seika Machinery Debuts the Malcom SP-2 Wetting Tester: Article

Seika Machinery Debuts the Malcom SP-2 Wetting Tester

TORRANCE, CA — June 2016 — Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to introduce the Malcom SP-2 Wetting Tester. The SP-2 helps to test the wettability of solder paste and components while actually simulating the SMT mounting and reflow process.

The SP-2 simulates the actual temperature that solder paste undergoes during preheat and reflow, letting you easily identify any deficiencies in flux activity or components wettability. Measurement of the solder paste wettability, components wettability, printed board wettability, wettability on temperature rise, and wettability on preheating time. By actual simulation of the SMT mounting and reflow process with standard variable, it is possible to develop an accurate, repeatable evaluation method to determine a solder paste’s solderability.

The SP-2 complies with ANSI J-STD-003, MIL-STD 883, ISO 9455-16 and JIS Z 3198. It tests the wettability of solder paste, component lead, and PCB substrate landings. The system is capable of measurement miniature-sized components and features a built-in heater that can be adjusted for optimum reflow or maximum wetting.

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