Seika Machinery Announces Significant Summer Savings on SAYAKA SAM-CT23Q Table-top PCB Router: Article

TORRANCE, CA — August 2013— Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, announces significant summer savings on its SAYAKA SAM-CT23Q table-top, automatic precision PCB router. Seika is offering significant savings on its SAM-CT23Q demo unit and will offer discounts on regular stock after the demo unit is sold.

SAYAKA SAM-CT23Q is designed for low-stress depanelization with a high-speed router bit that precisely cuts densely populated PCBs without stressing the board. Cutting paths can be set as close as 0.5 mm to a component and the router handles boards up to 250 x 350 mm. As an additional benefit, the compact table-top design and weight eases line arrangement and reduces time in setting up production.

The compact size and weight of the system makes it ideal for limited work spaces and versatility in production line setup. SAM-CT23Q features automatic operation with push button control to start operation. Safety features include a safety door that protects the operator during the routing process. Additionally, the precision table-top router features a powerful dust collector and is offered at a competitive price with offline software programming

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