Seika Machinery and ACE Laboratories complete installation of new dynamic testing laboratory.: Article

ACE Laboratories completes installation of its new dynamic testing laboratory

Ravenna, OH – ACE Laboratories has announced another significant expansion. This recent expansion is part of an ongoing investment exceeding $1,000,000 and an increase in lab space by 7,500 square feet. The state-of-the-art dedicated laboratory expansion offers dynamic testing capabilities for materials, essential services for predicting in-service performance of rubber products such as tires, belts, mounts, vibration isolators, bridge bearings, seals and much more.

Erick Sharp, CEO of ACE Laboratories, shared his vision: “Our expanded dynamic testing lab shows our commitment to being at the forefront of material testing technologies, continuing our growth and diversification of services, investment in equipment, staff additions, partnerships and collaborations. At ACE Laboratories, we’re pushing the boundaries to ensure our customers have access to the most advanced and accurate testing solutions so they can accelerate product development and optimize performance. This is yet another exciting new chapter for ACE Laboratories, and we look forward to leading the way in dynamic material testing and analysis in our industry.”

The latest equipment additions to the lab include a Ueshima FPS Wear Testing System, the AB-2012 FPS Abrasion Tester. Ueshima testers are designed to replicate realistic road conditions in a lab-scale environment, analyzing tire material characteristics and predicting tread performance according to ISO 23337. This addition complements ACE’s 2022 acquisition of the Ueshima Rotational Traction Measuring System (RTM Friction Tester), which offers the tire industry cost-effective evaluations of the friction characteristics of tread materials. It tests compounds or actual tread samples under dry, wet or ice conditions. Data from the Ueshima systems assist tire developers to formulate new compounds that provide improved braking performance, abrasion resistance and energy efficiency.

Other dynamic testing solutions include:

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA): VR-7130 Automatic DMA combined with THERMO JETTER, which allows for the measurement of viscoelastic properties of elastomers and polymers down to -90°C without using liquid nitrogen.

Flex (DeMattia) Fatigue Machine: A 32-unit station with a heated cabinet, ranging from 60°C to 150°C, assesses the durability and longevity of rubber and polymer products under varying temperatures. It complies with ASTM D813, ASTM D430, and ASTM D4482 standards.

MTS 831 Elastomer Test System: Provides testing flexibility for rubber and elastomer products’ dynamic properties across a wide frequency and temperature range.

Coesfeld Intrinsic Strength Analyser (ISA): Engineering analysis of elastomer durability. Indicates the threshold fracture mechanical strength of a polymer network (i.e., the mechanical fatigue threshold).

Coesfeld Instrumented Chip & Cut Analyser (ICCA): Measures the chip and cut resistance of rubber compounds under cyclic impact loadings. Highly instrumented to control and measure forces and displacements during impact to mimic conditions in demanding applications. It can also operate in full contact mode as a friction and wear measurement device.

ACE Laboratories’ strategic partnerships with leading suppliers Seika Machinery, Ueshima, Endurica and Wallace Instruments enhance its ability to offer the latest in dynamic testing services. In addition to the testing services, ACE will also act as the North American demonstration center for Seika and Ueshima.


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