Process and Quality Control Systems at SMTA Guadalajara – Visit Seika in Booth 620: Article

TORRANCE, CA — October 2019 — Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, today announced plans to exhibit at the SMTA Guadalajara Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Oct. 23-24, 2019 at the Expo Guadalajara. Seika will highlight leading-edge equipment, including the latest models from SAWA, Unitech and MALCOM in Booth 620.

Seika will highlight the SAWA Mounter Nozzle Cleaner cleans 20 nozzles at a time. With the system, ultrasonically-vibrated water thoroughly passes through every nozzle opening. Double-cleaning power is generated with ultrasonic-energy cleaning and simultaneous vacuum suction. Nozzle tips and apertures can be cleaned without leaving any residue.

The MALCOM RCX Series Modular Reflow Oven Profiling System offers complete profiling of reflow ovens, including oven temperature, video imaging, O2 concentration and convection air velocity. It verifies that ovens are performing at optimal conditions and enables users to troubleshoot problem areas. Have you ever wanted to see what is happening to your PCB in the reflow oven? Now you can by capturing images by video recording with profiling overlay.

The MALCOM PCU-02V Spiral Viscometer is designed for checking the viscosity and thixotropy of solder paste expensive material testing and analysis on the fly by obtaining the viscosity characteristics with only a 0.2cc sample. A near immediate reading can be obtained ensuring that the paste printing process is optimal at all times. MALCOM’s unique Spiral Sensor provides continuous measurement of non-newtonian fluids with good repeatability.

The UNITECH UC-250M-CV PCB Board Cleaner adds a dual cleaning feature using a combination of a brush roller with the silicone/adhesive cleaning rollers. The combination dual dust removal system assures better results than a single brush or adhesive roller system. There is also an ionic air knife to remove static electricity.

See the latest video describing the process control devices described above here:  Seika TV

Stop by the Seika booth during SMTA Guadalajara to see these and much more from Seika! For more information about Seika’s complete product line, contact Michelle Ogihara at or visit