Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, introduces the HIOKI IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1220 with newly designed measurement electronics and an optional parallel testing feature for higher test speeds.

The IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1220 features quick connectivity to PC networks, making data management easy and secure. Data conversion outside of the HIOKI tester family also is possible on the advanced system. To configure the system a functional tester, users can easily install a dedicated functional test board connected with the necessary measurement units with GPIB controllers.

The HiTESTER 1220 evaluates boards using the macro test function that delivers exceptional detection capability, even with small number of test points. Additionally, the high-speed, multi-channel measuring instrument is capable of ensuring total system accuracy.

The press-type tester uses adequate fixtures for PCB mass-production. The single system is embedded with four functions: loaded board tester, micro tester for impedance measurement, active tester and a high-speed data collector. 

For more information about Seika’s HIOKI IN-CIRCUIT HiTESTER 1220, visit www.seikausa.com.