2012 Circuitnet Viewpoint: Article

On behalf of Seika Machinery, I would like to wish all of our industry colleagues a very happy, productive and prosperous 2012.  We remain committed to providing high-quality, competitively priced SMT solutions to our customers not only from Japan, but also from other valued resource locations.  As a multi-national trading company, we procure proven and successful global supplier equipment and materials with full sales and technical support provided by our team based in our Los Angeles and Atlanta offices.

In the last two years, we have introduced our popular green technology products, which include the Solder Paste Recycling System, the Paste Printer Wiper Roll Recycling/Cleaning System, and most recently, our low-VOC, energy-conserving Fully-Automatic Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner.  There are a number of other unique “green” equipment and materials that were introduced in a white paper presented at the last SMTAI in Fort Worth, Texas, that we also will look into procuring for our customer base.

We will be debuting new selective soldering systems and a conformal coating and curing system in 2012. New models of our popular McDry dry cabinets and Sayaka PCB routers also will be introduced.

In general, Seika Machinery will continue to introduce the latest cutting-edge technology products from the Pacific Rim and globally.  Starting in 2010 and expanding into 2012, we will provide support to our North American based customers with facilities located in South America, EU and Asia through our extensive, dedicated sales and engineering network.