Seitec Selective Solder: STS 2533SJ

  • Selective Soldering System with Built-in Spray Fluxer
  • Designed For Use with Multilayer and High Density PCBs
  • The STS-2533SJ is a new Selective soldering system equpped with a Servo Jet Spray Fluxer system.
  • The Servo Jet system allows for precise flux application on small targets and through hole components.
  • XYZ-Programmable solder wave from a special nozzle allows users to make lead soldering easy and accurate.


System Components
  1. Solder bath unit
  2. XYZ axis drive unit
  3. PCB setting parts, sub-carrier 1 pc (PCB warp prevention)
  4. Main body and its table
  5. Electric power supply and controlling parts
  6. N2 supplier parts
  7. PC (CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, LCD, Color Scanner)
Applicable PCB Size

PCB Size: Min-50×50mm (1.9″x1.9″) Max-250×330mm (9.8″x 12.9″)
PCB Thickness: 0.8mm-3.0mm
Edge Clearance: 3mm Min
Max Component Height: 50mm Top Side / 25mm Bottom Side
PCB Handling: Set PCB in the sub carrier
Work Height: FL900±20mm

Dimensions(L)1100×(W)1330×(H)1140 (excluding exhaust pipe)
Machine WeightApprox. 200kg / 440lbs
Power sourceAC200V 3 Phase 60/50Hz 3kW (with equipped pre-heating system 8kW)
Air0.4Mpa min.
Nitrogen0.2Mpa min. Purity 99.9%(Recommended), Supply Volume 2m3/h
Exhaust Flow Rate3m3/h min.
Body colorJapan Paint Manufactures Association 440 (Ivory)
Unit Specifications
Servo Jet Fluxer

Spray Nozzle Type: Jet Nozzle
Nozzle Diameter: 0.254mm
Spray Adjustment: PC program
Material Storage: Flux and Solvent Tank


OS: Windows XP Professional
Max Programs: 500
Programming: Program Creation Software using Color Scanner

Solder Pot

Housing Material: Cast Iron
Internal Parts: SUS-304 Nitrogen Coating
Solder Capacity: Approx. 8kg 17.6lbs
Heater Power: Approx. 1.6kW
Solder Melt Time: Approx. 30 min

Max Temp:300o
Flow Motor: DC Servo Motor
Temp Control: By PID
Nozzles: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Nozzles are a consumable item


PCB Cover
Signal Tower
Solder Over Temperature Alarm
Nitrogen Supply Pressure Monitor
Additional Sub Carrier

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