Eightech Reflow System: Vacuum Reflow System


Eightech’s new RV Series vacuum oven has pushed the limits of optimal cost/performance.

  • Significantly decreased the void
    • With combine the solder, the void space can be saved maximum less than 1%.
    • Improved the electrical characteristics and the connection reliability of the product.
  • In-line type for mass production
    • Min. 30 sec tact speed time for mass productions
  • Convection heating system
    • One time soldering and vacuum reflow on the double face PCB, the void can be decreased.
    • The metal PCB with the heat sink of aluminum can be solder.
    • The temperature variations less than the hot plate heating system, the reflow time can be shorten.
  • Ultra low power consumption to promote saving energy.
  • Large-capacity flux collection unit to increase operation hours
    • The cleaning flux frequency several times a year.
  • Available for N2 or Air reflow equipment.

Eightech Vacuum Reflow RV-Series

Main Characteristics

Efficacy by the vacuum operation

In combination N2 circulation heating with vacuum system, the void occurrence is made to reduce drastically even the wide-area soldering.

Eightech Vacuum Reflow N2 Circulation

Performance of heating and vacuum processing

  • With combine the convection heating system and the vacuum, soldering quality beyond the concept of the conventional temperature profile conditions is possible by small zone.
  • Made a small vacuum chamber to able to min 30 sec tact speed time for mass productions.
  • Possible to vacuum soldering of small parts for low heat resistance. RSV Series can be solder the thick plate of copper or aluminum.

Eightech Vacuum Reflow RSV12M-612-WD Temperature Profile  53 sec

Eightech Vacuum Reflow RSV12M-612-WD Temperature Profile 34 sec

Ultra low power consumption to promote saving energy

The light weighting and high insulation of the furnace body can lower the power substantially, can save huge energy consumption and lower the cost of electricity.

Eightech Vacuum Reflow RSV12M-61612-WD Power Consumption 3 Hours

Eightech Vacuum Reflow RSV12M-61612-WD Power Consumption 2 Hours

High heat-insulation designed

Used low thermal conductivity material. Combine the double heat-insulation material, resinification of cover for insulation material and lower the power substantially, can save energy consumption and CO2.

Eightech Vacuum Reflow RSV12M-61612-WD Surface Temperature

Flux collection unit and filter unit

  • The large-capacity flux collection unit makes less cleaning frequency. Also it is easy to handle replacing and cleaning radiators.
  • The multistage special filter can be protected from the dirt of the vacuum pump. It is easy cleaning filter.

Eightech Vacuum Reflow Flux Collection


Model No. RSV12M-612-WD RNV12M-512 RNV12M-411 RNV12L-411 RNVB12M-11
Heating Zone 6 5 4 1
Vacuum Zone 1
Cooling Zone 2 1
Power AC200V


3Φ 116A



3Φ 103A



3Φ 96.5A



3Φ 110A



3Φ 29A

Start up Power Max. 39.9kw Max. 35.5kw Max. 33.3kw Max. 38.0kw Max. 10.8kw
Heating Temperature Max. 350℃ Max. 280℃ Max. 280℃
Vacuum 1 ~ 10kPa 1 ~ 12kPa 5 ~ 10kPa
Approx. 300 ~ 400L/min Approx. 200L/min
Dimension Length 5,140mm 5,580mm 4,780mm 6,425mm 1,082mm
Width 1,310mm 1,760mm
Height 1,500mm 1,280mm
PCB Width 100 ~ 330mm 100 ~ 250mm 100 ~ 400mm 75 ~ 250mm
Length 100 ~ 250mm 100 ~ 330mm 100 ~ 500mm 100 ~ 330mm
Component Height Upper 30mm
Lower 30mm 30mm ※
Flux Collection Standard Equipment
Option PC set, UPS, Monthly Timer, Specific Color, Other

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