Sawa Ultrasonic Portable Stencil Cleaners: Ensure High Yield with Ultrasonic Cleaners

Wide Use of Stencil Cleaners

In Japanese electronics assembly, ultrasonic stencil cleaners have been used to get high yields when printing solder paste on to PCB’s. The old manual wiping method of stencils often times does not remove all of the solder paste and requires a good amount of labor and inspection. At Seika Machinery, our ultrasonic cleaners ensure that the job will be done efficiently and quickly without the use of excessive manual labor. We offer these fine products at a valuable and reasonable cost.

Benefits of the Sawa Stencil Cleaners

There are a variety of benefits of the ultrasonic cleaners when compared to cloth wipe cleaning and fully automatic cleaners. Mainly, cloth wipe cleaning will not fully remove all solder paste on a printed circuit board. Our stencil cleaners employ ultrasonic vibration to completely rid the stencil of paste residue and require no unique solvents. The ultrasonic stencil cleaner works well with any solvent depending upon the type of solder paste or adhesive utilized and costs thousands less than a fully automatic cleaner. It requires only a minimal amount of solvent while others may require gallons of solvent in their tank systems.

Our ultrasonic cleaners may also be capable of cleaning stencils on the printer whereas the latter cannot. Stencil cleaning may be accomplished with our ultrasonic cleaner in a matter of minutes. Our unit is portable and allows for use directly on the screen printer for inline, lot cleaning. With a fully automatic cleaner, a water evaporation unit and a permit for a water evaporation unit may be required whereas our cleaners do not need either.

A Valuable Asset

Clearly, our cleaners are valuable and beneficial for the cleaning of stencils. They save time, money and space while remaining proficient and fast. Start creating high yield through use of a Sawa ultrasonic stencil cleaner.