Sawa Ultrasonic Portable Stencil Cleaners: Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Efficiency of the Ultrasonic SMT Stencil Cleaner

When compared to other methods such as cloth cleaning and fully automatic cleaners, our ultrasonic SMT stencil cleaner has a variety of benefits. Ultrasonic cleaning makes use of ultrasonic vibrations to effectively clear the stencil apertures of unwanted solder paste. Whereas, manual cloth wipe cleaning takes a great deal of time and still is not effective in removing all of the solder paste from the stencil. The ultrasonic SMT stencil cleaner does not require the use of unique solvents and may be used with any solvent appropriate for cleaning the customer’s particular solder paste or adhesive. Fully automatic cleaners usually require NON-VOC detergents that are recommended for use and purchase from the supplier.

Compared Cost

The cost of ultrasonic cleaning compared to a fully automatic cleaner is significantly less for more value. Whereas our ultrasonic SMT stencil cleaner is a low-cost system, a fully automatic cleaner may be 3 to 4 times as much or more. Using gallons of solvent, the fully automatic will be high in solvent costs, while the Sawa ultrasonic cleaning system uses a minimal amount of solvent per month. Other major deterrents in cost with the fully automatic cleaner are a water evaporation unit and permit as well as the waste handling and disposal costs for the solvent.

Save Space and Time

The ultrasonic stencil cleaner is small and portable which makes it capable of being used directly on the screen printer or on a movable cart from line to line while the fully automatic cleaner requires a great deal of space and can not be moved easily. Time will also be saved with ultrasonic cleaning through low solvent usage that allows for fast cleaning of 1-3 minutes whereas the larger machinery can take up to 20 minutes for the same process.