McDry Ultra-Low Humidity Storage Cabinets: Protect Components with a Dry Cabinet

Proper Storage for Moisture-Sensitive Components

Keep moisture-sensitive components safe during reflow with a desiccant dehumidifier and other humidity controlled storage cabinets. Some sort of low-humidity storage of surface mount devices is now a regular practice for any handling, shipping, packing and use of the components. This standard is due to the micro-cracking that occurs during the reflow process in close to 100 percent of all IC’s that have absorbed moisture. Micro-cracking can cause corrosion, breaking of wires and several other problems but can be prevented with McDry humidity-controlled storage cabinets. Use of a dry cabinet is a viable alternative to baking, MBB’s and nitrogen storage and may be more efficient in several ways.

Features of our Storage Cabinets

At Seika Machinery, we offer a type of dry cabinet that one might need for the proper dehumidifying of components. Choose from our DXU series or our MCU series, all of which offer an ultra-low humidity environment. Our DXU McDry models maintain a 1% RH giving the necessary ultra-low humidity storage capability needed.

Moisture is removed from all cabinets by use of an extremely powerful desiccant dehumidifier which eliminates the requirement of nitrogen. The desiccant is automatically recycled and therefore does not need to be replaced and the moisture gathered by the desiccant is discharged in vapor form outside of the dry cabinet. No fan is required due to the use of a natural air flow system and utilization of memory-shaped metal makes for nearly fail-proof aeration.

Damage from static electricity is thwarted by the grounding of all humidity-controlled storage cabinets while locking doors close tightly to prevent outside moisture.

Cost Effective

Our McDry desiccant dehumidifier cabinets are not only effective in preventing micro-cracking in moisture-sensitive components but they are cost efficient as well. Nitrogen cabinets require construction work to run nitrogen lines into the cabinet and moisture-barrier bags need a desiccant, sealing machine, RH indicator and some manual labor. Our cabinets can also eliminate the need for baking components in some cases and requires only the cost of electricity.