Ueshima RTM Friction Tester (MODEL FR-7225)


RTM Friction Tester enables to evaluate friction characteristics of tire tread compound in Dry, Wet and Ice conditions. Friction coefficient over slip ratio (μ-S curve) can be plotted in a single test by sweeping the slip ratio.

RTM Friction Tester enables to evaluate friction characteristics of tire tread compound on material testing basis, and can be tested in Dry, Wet, Ice conditions on ring shaped road surface. Test is performed by pressing specimen on constantly rotating ring shaped wheel at free rolling condition, or with slip ratio applied in 0 to +/- 95% range and measuring the friction force. Also, max. 30deg. slip angle can be applied on the specimen against it’s tangential line.


  • Traction (Acceleration, Braking)Measurement
  • Rolling Resistance Measurement
  • Cornering Force Measurement


  • Friction test at Dry, Wet, Ice conditions can be performed with one equipment.
  • Traction (Acceleration, Braking) test changing slip ratio during 1 test can be performed.
  • Friction force(Rolling Resistance) Measurement at free rolling condition can be performed.
  • Max. 30deg. slip angle can be applied between sample and test road. (Automatic setting)
  • Specimen taken from actual tire tread can be glued on the sample for testing.
  • Chamber and water temperature can be controlled individually.
  • Ice road surface can be made in the test chamber.

Test Conditions

  • Road condition (Dry, Wet, Ice)
  • Slip ratio (road based)
  • Load
  • Speed
  • Temperature chamber, water temperature

Software Functions

  • Test condition setup and test start command
  • Making a µ-S curve by data acquisition
  • Making a Torque-Time curve by a free-rolling test
  • Making a Fy-Time curve by a free-rolling test
  • Making a µ-Time curve in a constant slip ratio test

RTM Friction Tester FR-7225


RTM Friction Tester FR-7225 μ-S Curve Same Compound

μ-S Curve (Same Compound)

RTM Friction Tester FR-7225 μ-S test set screen

μ-S test set screen

RTM Friction Tester FR-7225 Free rolling set screen

Free rolling set screen

RTM Friction Tester FR-7225 μ-S Curve Different Compounds

μ-S Curve (Different Compounds)

RTM Friction Tester FR-7225 Pre-test screen

Pre-test screen

RTM Friction Tester FR-7225 Smoothing screen

Smoothing screen


Name RTM Friction Tester
Model FR-7225
Sample Columnar shape   Dia.80mm, W16mm
Sheet shape   W10mm x L300mm x T2mm(to glue actual tread on to test sample)
Road Thickness: 30mm, Width: 50mm, dia. of the road center: 700mm (outer dia.: 750mm)
Road surface Safety walk, Ice
Road speed 4 – 400r/min (Approx. 0.5 – 50km/h)
Sample speed 35 – 3500r/min (Approx. 0.5 – 50km/h)
Torque detection 30Nm capacity torque meter(Dry/Wet), 3Nm(Ice), measurement error:±1%FS
Torque meter to be replaced depending on test condition
Slip angle ±30deg. against road surface tangential line (automatic setting)
Slip ratio 0〜±95% automatic setting (25km/h max. for negative slip ratio)
Load detection Load cell capacity 200N, measurement accuracy: ±1%FS
Lateral force detection 100N capacity load cell (Dry/Wet), 50N(Ice), Accuracy±1%FS
Load cell to be replaced depending on test condition
Loading part Feedback control with air servo with the load range of 20 – 150N±1%FS
Test chamber temp. −10℃〜60℃±2℃
Road temp. No temperature control (Surface temperature is monitored.)
Water temp. 5℃〜40℃(around the valve)for Wet
Surface temp. Measured with non-contact surface temperature sensor
Refrigeration with defrosting device(Temperature changes when defrosting)
Compressed air 0.5MPa – 0.8MPa dry clean air, to be connected with φ8 one-touch connector
Power supply 3 Phs. 200V 75A 50Hz/60Hz  terminal connection
Water Tap water (15A): 2L/min (for Wet/Ice),
Chiller water for refrigerator (20A):30L/min(25°C or below)
Road drain(32A), Chiller water drain(20A)
Service Condition (1)Temp: 5 – 40℃
(2)Humidity: 35 – 80%RH
Dimensions, Weight Dimensions 1400(W)×1800(D)×1760(H)mm,
Weight Approx 1,400kg

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