BET Sorptometer

BET Sorptometer

The iBET series Innova BET Sorptometer is a fully automated surface area and pore size analyzer designed with the static volumetric principle. It complies with the ISO15901, ASTM D3663/D4661, and ISO 9277-2010 standards as "Determination of the specific surface area of solids by gas adsorption - BET method". This instrument can analyze the specific surface area, pore size distribution, and total pore volume of various porous materials, including zeolites, carbon materials, metal oxides, MOFs, COFs, and graphene. Its broad applications include QC and R&D of ultra-low specific surface area samples such as battery materials, metal powders, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Analysis stations: 4-Station and 6-Station, fully automated operate
  • Surface Area and Pore Size by Gas Sorption
  • Adsorption / Desorption isotherm
  • Specific surface area: BET, Langmuir
  • Meso pore size distribution: BJH, Dollimore-Heal
  • Micropore area and volume: Dubinin-Radushkevich, t-Plot method
  • Micropore distribution: MP, HK, SF, DA, and compatible with NLDFT (Option)
  • Total pore volume and average pore width
  • Auto Degassing: full-automatic, program control degassing system


  • Built-in 13.3 touch PAD for both instrument control / Analysis and data reduction in real time. Remote control and service-after-sales may be performed with a dedicated mobile APP option.
  • The latest patented Constant Void Volume Technology: The servo-feedback elevator plus a 1000 torr transducer accurately controls the coolant level to keep the void volume constant despite of the coolant evaporation.
  • Fully automated constant temperature system: The dual gas input preheating with
  • 0.02 ℃ high-precision thermistor system, controls the temperature between 35-50
  • ℃ with real-time display of the temperature of the gas pipe and the manifold against errors caused by environmental factors.
  • PFC flow control valves: System evacuation is performed by a pre-set program; the evacuation rate may be adjustable to prevent powder intake into the system during initial evacuation and to increase the pumping rate as the system approaches higher vacuum.
  • 32-bit digital electronics: The latest 32-bit chips and circuit boards were developed instead of typical 24-bit system, which lead that the precision of the transducers is superior to competitive units, and ensure the ultimate accuracy for characterizing samples by nitrogen adsorption with micropore or ultra-low surface area less 0.2 m²/g.
  • iBET-204A owns upto 4 mesopore samples ports with degassing additional six samples simultaneously by dedicated degassing station. The system is suitable to universities, research institutions and industrial R&D with analysis of surface area and pore size of super-microporous, or micro- and mesoporous materials. Chemisorption is available


Analysis ports46
1000 Torr Transducer68
Electronic Signal (ADC)32 bits
P0 Port1
Constant void volume systemBuild-in
Repeatability0.1% (Based on RM)
Surface area range0.005m2/g upto no upper limit
Pore size range12Å ~ 4000Å
P/P0 range1x10-4 to 1
Minimum Pore volume0.0001ml/g
P/P0 pressure resolution1x10-10
Accuracy of Transducer±0.1%
Vacuum pump ability2x10-3 mmHg
AdsorbatesN2, Ar, CO2, Kr, any non-corrosive gas
Degassing system6 ports degas station

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