Gas Diffusion Permeameter

Gas Diffusion Permeameter


The Gas Diffusion Permeameter is an invaluable tool for assessing the permeability of different gases through materials with membrane-like properties. This method enables researchers to study gas transport under various static and dynamic conditions. The instrument is designed with a high-vacuum vacuum pump that is capable of detecting even the slightest amount of gas permeability. The Gas Diffusion Permeameter is versatile and able to accommodate samples of varying shapes, such as flat sheets, hollow fibers, and tubes. It is a reliable tool for studying gas transport properties in a range of materials.

To detect minuscule gas transmission rates through a sample, direct flow measurement using flow meters is not reliable due to their lack of accuracy. Instead, Diffusion Permeameters indirectly measure low gas flow rates by observing the time rate of change of pressure on the outlet side.

The sample is loaded into the sample chamber which is divided into two chambers - one on the inlet side of the sample and the other on the outlet side of the chamber. The volume of the outlet chamber is measured precisely, and both sides of the sample are evacuated. A specific amount of test gas is then introduced to the chamber on the inlet side of the sample, maintaining its pressure almost constant, while monitoring the pressure on both sides of the sample. The two pressures are then recorded over time, and the data is used to compute the transmission rate. In order to ensure the utmost precision, the system is kept at a constant temperature.


Pressure range0-100 PSI
Sample sizeDiameter: 10mm to 50mm
Thickness: up to 30mm
Sample geometriesSheets, Tubes, Hollow fiber, etc.
Pressurized gasClean, dry, and non-corrosive gas (N2, Oxygen, AIR…)
Pressure measurementPressure Transducer: 0-10 torr, 0-100 psi
Resolution: 0.000017 ; Accuracy: 0.15% of reading
Flow rateAs low as 10-4 cc/s
Pressure regulation
control system
Vacuum ability: 0.002 Torr
Vacuum systemAutomatic, Regulation system: 0-100 psi
Temperature rangeRoom temperature
Temperature control systemOption, 0-80°C
Sample chamberSingle chamber design, Stainless steel material
Sample chamber sizeØ 99mm X 60mm (T)
  • USB communication and suit for Windows 8/10/11
  • Operation type: with automatic test mode and manual control mode
  • Auto-test has test requirement scope setting
  • Calibration and adjustment function
  • Auto-test parameter setting

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