Unitech UC–250m


  • UC–250 Series, from Citizen’s established precision and machining technology, is specially designed for SMT line use.
  • Able to clean top surface of PCB even chip components attached on the bottom side.
  • Antistatic bar (ionizer) is prepared as standard to neutralize static and to prevent dust from top surface of PCB.


  • Easy to removes dust and other objects from surface of the PWB with strong adhesive rollers without damage to the board surface.
  • All types of dust can be removed.
  • Adhesive clean roll removes all dust from rolls.
  • Ionizer removes electric static on the PWB and preventing the static damage to the electronics components and CMOS chips.
  • Adhesive tape roll is easy to pull and cut.

Operation & Results:

  • UC–250 Series can remove glass fiber, dust particles, etc. on top surface of PCB before solder paste printing, and improve production yeild. Especially suitable for PCB which is mounted extremely small components.