SC-AH100F-LV LOW-VOC Model Fully-Automatic Stencil Cleaner

High-Performance Cleaning Features:

  • Cleaning with Low-VOC Solvents
  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions by 10% over conventional cleaner models
  • Save $$ in Running Costs
  • Fast Cleaning and Drying Time

Model: SC-AH100F-LV

Outside Dimension W 850×D 1,100×H 1,600 mm (W 33.46xD 43.31xH 62.99 inch)
(NOT including signal tower)
Transformer W 320×D 350×H 305mm (W 12.60xD 13.78xH 12.01 inch) *1
Weight 210kg (463lbs) Transformer 18kg (40lbs) *1
Stencil Size 550×600mm(21.65x23.62inch)*2550×650mm
(21.65x25.59inch)*2、736×736mm (28.98x28.98inch)
Power AC120V 50/60Hz 400VA
Ultrasonic 40kHz 300W
Air 0.4MPa 650NL/min
Exhaust Duct Exhaust rate more than 5.5m/sec Diameter φ98mm (3.86in)
Cleaning Solvent VIGON SC200 (Manufactured by Zestron)
Cleaning/Drying Time Approx. 10min./cycle*3

*1 Transformer is installed outside. *2 Adapter required. *3 Times may vary in different conditions.