Application: For general mounting factory

Key Features

  • Door opening/closing frequency: Once every 20-40 minutes
  • Compliant to ESD-IEC61340-5-1
  • Can maintain an RH level of 1%RH
  • Equipped with a digital RH Meter
  • Locking Doors
  • Shelves are adjustable and can hold 220lbs.(100kgs.)
  • Grounded to prevent static electricity

No central column to block storage space


  • Be able to install a socket for purging N2 gas


External Dimensions 47.2Wx26.0 Dx72.8H(in)
Internal Dimensions 45.3Wx23.6Dx62.0H(in)
Capacity Approx 43 Cu Feet (1200 Liters)
Dry Unit US-7200x2
Material Higt-grade steel construction with ESD-safe and Anti corosion coating
Color Silver
Doors (Magnetic) 6 Doors with glass windows
Weight Approx 440 lbs.(200kgs.)
Electrical Requirement AC 120V(50/60Hz) 96w/h(Max 500W)
Accessories Included Casters,RH Meter,5 shelves